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What Makes Us Different

kat 3If you have visited Winnipesaukee Eye before, you will likely know how keen our optometrist is on helping their patients find solutions that promote both healthy eyes and healthy bodies. The doctors use two methods to manage patient eye health:

1) Treat immediate, acute symptoms with the most current techniques and appropriate prescription medicines to solve the problem.

2) Recomend a regimen of vitamins, minerals and natural dietary supplements to cure chronic eye problems that may stem from other sources. This method has been proven especially benefical for patients with severe and extreme issues that prevent them from living a normal everyday life.

An Example of Method #2 – An Individualized Solution for Dry Eyes

Let’s say you suffer from a case of Dry Eyes, which results from a difficulty in forming tears. The standard treatment solution for this problem involves prescribing drops, ointments and plugs to name a few. Instead of simply providing these solitions and hoping they work, we work to diagnose the true cause of the symptoms by conducting Root Cause Analysis. Why? Because they don’t want to mask the problem – they want to FIX it.

Sometimes, the causes behind Dry Eyes can be easily remedied by suggesting a different type of contact lens, or ensuring that the patient is changing their lenses frequently enough. Other times, the issue is much more complex, and seems to be a mystery or is the manifestation of another health problem.

To treat these issues, the doctors will recommend a system of vitamins based upon their expectations of the underlying causes of the issue.Through ongoing conversations, follow up and monitoring of the patient’s individualized reactions to the supplements, the doctors can help the patient regain normal vision and good eye health.

Each patient is different, and requires a unique recommendation based upon examination.

If you are having an extreme or chronic problem with your eyes, please call us at (603) 524 – 5770 to make an appointment. We will be glad to see how we can help you, and become your partner in finding a solution that will work for you.




We are all very concerned with the responsibilities that the coronavirus has placed upon us in recent weeks. We strive our best to maintain the health and well-being of both our patients and our staff. We are all familiar with the CDC guidelines of social distancing, hand washing, hand sanitizers and staying home as much as possible. We are busy at our office disinfecting surfaces between patient visits and completely at the end of each day.

In order to maintain best practice guidelines, beginning March 23, 2020 our office will remain open, with reduced hours from 9:00AM to 1:00PM Monday through Friday. Daily appointments will be reserved for emergencies,urgent care and essential services only, to relieve the burden on the ER and urgent care clinics. Routine eye care services will be rescheduled to future dates. We will be open for delivery of eyeglasses, contact lenses, vitamin supplements,etc.

If you have an eye emergency and need an appointment, please call ahead with your insurance information available so we may verify it before you arrive. If you are picking up glasses, contact lenses, etc. please call ahead to schedule a time for delivery.

If you are sick, have flu-like symptoms or have been exposed to anyone havingCOVID-19, please call ahead to let us know your circumstances so we may help determine the best course of action.

Winnipesaukee Eye is here to serve the community in this time of need. Medical eye care emergencies don’t take a vacation just because we are experiencing this pandemic. Smart precautionary practices and cooperation will allow us to provide a much needed service while supporting a safe and healthy visit.


Thank you.

Doctors McManus and the Zagroba, and the Winnipesaukee Eye Staff.